Announcing the winners of MPL’s Creative Writing Contest for adults!

We are very excited to announce the winners and honorable mentions for the very first Creative Writing Contest for adults, hosted here at MPL.  Submissions were reviewed anonymously by a panel of judges last week.  Here’s what the judges had to say:

Writing contest winners 2015_2

Without further ado, we extend a big congratulations to our winners and honorable mentions!

Poetry winner:

Codependent by Liz Lara.
    “With a fist/ And kiss/ We are yin and yang….”

Prose winners:

Mystic Mouse and Grey Hawk by Juan Linares
    “Cut to the fight scene. Grey Hawk, clad in grey feathers and wearing large tinted aviator goggles, stands with a black gun in hand….”

My Hero by Maria C. Garza
    “As I reflect on the events in my lifetime, the likelihood is that my life would have taken a different course if it were not for my God-sent hero….”

Why My Grandfather Hated Opera: An Immigrant’s Story by William Rich
    “The dress company purchased seats in a loge, one of those fancy boxes up on the wall where the wealthy people sat and looked down at the stage with their jeweled opera glasses….”

Prose Honorable Mentions:

The Known Unknown by Javier Revilla
    “Little by little they began to be afraid of silence; avoiding it by listening to the crowd and forgetting their own heart’s sound….”

Untethered by Saul Rodriguez
“That night he dreamed of a city in the sky. Even though it seemed far away, he knew he’d get there someday….”

The winners and honorable mentions will be giving a reading at our Finale event, coming up on Saturday, July 25th, where you too can enjoy their stories!  All ages are welcome to attend, and attendees will receive a commemorative booklet with the stories inside.

Check our Main Library events calendar for more info:

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