2017 Youth Creative Writing Contest



The McAllen Public Library is proud to announce our 2017 Youth Creative Writing Contest! All children and teens between the ages of 6 to 18 are invited to submit an original work on the theme “I want to build a better world because… .” Poetry of up to 20 lines and flash fiction (short stories up to 300 words) are accepted. You can find all of the contest rules here: http://mcallenbookfestival.com/writing-contest/. After reading the contest rules, you can find the online submission form here: http://mcallenbookfestival.com/writing-contest/submissions/. Winners will have their work published in an anthology, and will be invited to read their work at the 2017 McAllen Book Festival awards ceremony.

22226425095_1aebaf9676_zWhy is writing so important? As an article from the National Writing Project explains, writing is so important to learn as a child because “in today’s increasingly diverse society, writing is a gateway for success in academia, the new workplace, and the global economy, as well as for our collective success as a participatory democracy.” Whether it’s writing the next great political speech, the next work of classic literature, a college term paper, an e-mail to your boss, or even a post on social media, writing is an indispensable skill for advancing in society. The sooner a child learns how to write well, the sooner they will be able to succeed.

Fountain pen writingHowever, writing is not just a skill that has to be learned- it is also a source of inspiration and enjoyment. Famous authors became authors because they enjoy writing, not because someone told them they had to! When you write, you have the potential to create whole new worlds, influence millions of people, and change society as a whole. It is a very powerful tool. Here at the McAllen Public Library, we encourage the creativity of all members of our community, including our youth. We encourage the youth in our community to take a leap and flex their creative muscles in our Youth Creative Writing Contest. Who knows what impact you might have? You could be a future author on the schools’ required summer reading lists!

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