Best of the Decade According to Your Library Staff

        Next week is not just the end of the year, but also (depending on whether you are on Team 0 or Team 1) the end of the decade- only the second decade of this millennium. Believe it or not, in these divided times people have even started arguing over whether the new decade starts on Jan. 1st, 2020 or Jan. 1st, 2021. What it really boils down to is whether you count the years in a decade as 0-9 or 1-10. If you count the years as 0-9, then the new decade starts next week! Check out the NPR article linked above for the Team 0 and Team 1 explanations from historians, engineers, and astronomers.

        It seems that the technically correct explanation is that the next decade does not begin until 2021, because there was no year “0 A.D.” The A.D./C.E. era started with the year 1. For this same reason, the millennium that we are in now did not actually begin until 2001. But in popular culture we usually think of a new decade as beginning in the year “0”- 1920 as the start of the 1920’s, 1930 as the start of the 1930’s, etc. I think that given the current tensions and stresses in our society, most people are eager to end the last chapter and start fresh with another. So for our purposes here in this blog post, I am counting next week as the start of a new decade!

        If a new decade is starting, that means it’s time to remember the “best of” the last one! After all, 2010 was ten whole years ago- a lot of music, movies, tv shows, and books have happened since then! We are all ten years older, and our pop culture is ten years richer and more diverse. As a public library, we celebrate and share all contributions to our cultural heritage. Here are the favorites of the decade from the staff at your McAllen Public Library. After all, we are around books, movies, and music all day and love to talk about it, so who better to share their expert opinions than your friendly neighborhood library staff member? Most of these books, movies, TV shows, and music albums are available with your McAllen Public Library card, so stop by to check them out and feel some 2010’s nostalgia! After all, before you know it you’ll be seeing historical TV documentaries of these years…

Image courtesy of ARTnews

Movies – Adults

Movies – Teens & Adults

Movies – Kids & All Ages

Bobby’s Film Picks – Our resident film expert Bobby Guevara’s top film pick for each year of the decade


TV Shows


*New Year’s Day is my grandma’s birthday and she turns 91 this year, so she gets to add her top picks of the decade, too. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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