Boone the Bounty Hunter is a fun low budget action movie

John Hennigan AKA “John Morrison” (Morrison is his wrestling name) stars as Boone, a TV bounty hunter. However, his show has changed over the years from chasing dangerous fugitives to chasing C or D-level celebrities for unpaid parking tickets and other minor infractions. Kevin Sorbo appears as himself and is the latest celebrity to be chased down by Boone.

Facing the threat of his show’s cancelation, Boone and his team go to Mexico to apprehend a real fugitive. One of Boone’s contacts gave them a tip about a drug dealer’s son who fled to Mexico. Things go wrong and the drug dealer and his thugs come to get his son. Boone has to help save a young boy, who he endangered in his pursuit of the bounty.

Osric Chau from Supernatural and Spencer Grammer from Greek, and Rick and Morty round out the cast as Boone’s support team. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has a role as another member of Boone’s team. It winds up as a group you begin to root for.

There is a good fight scene where Boone takes on two opponents at the end of the film. I think that is the best fight scene in the film, but I also liked the bar fight. This film is a bit of a throwback to low budget action movies of the 1980s and early 1990s. John Hennigan is good as Boone, who becomes less selfish and more heroic as the movie progresses.

Hennigan later made another low budget action movie Never Leave Alive, which is also good.

The Lark Branch Library has a copy of Boone the Bounty Hunter on DVD available to check out.

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